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Haunt The House

Haunt The House - a fun game in which you will play in the role of ghost. Leave the dusty and abandoned tower and go on an adventure in the terribly dark night. Your task is to scare everybody in the museum, hospital, theater and on a cruise boat so that they would run for their lives. Test yourself in the form of a ghost who likes to have fun just like you. Additionally the game can somehow be viewed as a puzzle. Graphical realization of the game, supported by an amazing story can be called is a miracle. A huge number of detailed gaming elements, bright, diverse animation and many more other extraordinary features – all these create unique, interesting atmosphere. Think of this fact: music for the game wasn`t created on a computer, it was recorded live, by professional musician, which creates a special atmosphere, and highly qualitative selection of voices will not leave anyone indifferent. There is a large number of levels and the possibility to change the look of your ghost. Yet, the mechanics of the game is very simple, so after a few minutes you'll be scaring all indiscriminately. The movement and scaring - arrows or W, A, S, D, get in/get out of an object - space. The game has a lot of peculiarities, e.g. people can`t see our hero, thus to scary them we have to use objects around .The more people you scare the stronger you get, the more and more terrible and horrible things you can do. Play this wonderful game and have fun.

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